The Burgess Animal Book for Children


By: Thornton W. Burgess
Publisher: Dover Publications
Print ISBN: 9780486437453, 0486437450
eText ISBN: 9780486119779, 0486119777
Pages: 288
Format: Reflowable

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When Jenny Wren learns that Peter Rabbit would like to know more about the four-footed friends who share the Green Meadows and Green Forest with him, she encourages him to speak with Old Mother Nature who is only too happy to help. During their “classroom” chats, she not only teaches Peter about Arctic Hare and Antelope Jack but also tells him about such creatures as Flying Squirrel, Mountain Beaver, Pocket Gopher, Grasshopper Mouse, Silvery Bat, Mule Deer, and Grizzly Bear. Told with all the warmth and whimsy of Burgess’s stories, this engaging book acquaints youngsters with many forms of wildlife and the animals’ relationships with one another. The charming collection of entertaining tales is sure to transport today’s young readers to the same captivating world of nature that delighted generations of children before them.


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