Script Supervising and Film Continuity


By: Pat P Miller
Publisher: Routledge
Print ISBN: 9780080516769, 0080516769
eText ISBN: 9781136049217, 1136049215
Edition: 3rd
Pages: 256
Copyright year: 1998
Format: Reflowable

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This definitive handbook explains how a script is transformed into a motion picture or television program. Readers will learn the methodology and craft of the script supervisor, who ensures that the continuity of a film, its logical progression, is coherent. The book teaches all vital script supervising functions, including how to: .prepare, or “break down” a script for shooting .maintaining screen direction and progression .matching scenes and shots for editing .cuing actors .recording good takes and prints preparing time and log sheets for editing This revision of an industry classic has been updated to reflect changes in the film industry in recent years, including the use of electronic media in the script supervisor’s tasks. While it is written for the novice script writer, it can serve as a valuable resource for directors, film editors, scriptwriters and cinematographers.

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