Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences


By: Nancy Duarte
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons P&T
Print ISBN: 9780470632017, 0470632011
eText ISBN: 9781118448571, 111844857X
Pages: 272
Format: Fixed

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Presentations are meant to inform, inspire, and persuade audiences. Unfortunately all too often audiences leave feeling like theyve wasted their time or somehow missed the point completely. And prettying-up the pictures wont cure the systemic flaws in the message. Truly great messages resonate with the audience and move to action through transformation. Just as the authors first book helped presenters become visual communicators, her follow-up book helps presenters resonate with their audience. The authors approach is simple: building a presentation today is a bit like writing a documentary. You have important information to convey, but if it isnt wrapped in a human, compelling story, people wont join your cause. By focusing on the audience as the hero and the presenter as the mentor it flips the paradigm. Then, by using story techniques of conflict and resolution, the presentation will activate audiences towards your objectives.


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