Public Health Policy: Issues, Theories, and Advocacy


By: Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharya
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons P&T
Print ISBN: 9781118164358, 1118164350
eText ISBN: 9781118226193, 1118226194
Format: Fixed

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Public Health Policy: Issues, Theories, and Advocacy is an introductory text for public health students, providing theoretical frameworks to approach public health policy issues, and practical analytical tools for effective advocacy and communication.  Perspectives are drawn from epidemiology, law, economics, political science, and ethics to engage and examine the policy-making process, articulate positions advocating for (or against) particular interventions, and develop materials for different audiences to further a public health policy intervention. The work illustrates how public health policymaking is a complex and integrated top-down and bottoms-up process that implicates a myriad of public and private stakeholders. This innovative book is intended to provide students with theoretical frameworks to approach public health policy issues, and empower them with practical analytical tools to develop position papers.  Students are given a broad set of conceptual frameworks and analytical tools.  The primary objective is to empower students to articulate precise problem statements, engage in robust multi-disciplinary data analysis, and develop thoughtful recommendations.  The book will be divided into two parts, focused on the development of a broad but robust multidisciplinary framework that draws from public health law, health economics, epidemiology, political science, and ethics.  Part I will introduce essential terms, concepts, and examples to illustrate how the particular component (e.g., law, economics, ethics) intersects with public health.  Individual chapters will be devoted to each component, enabling students to have a broad framework for analysis.  In Part II, students will learn to apply this framework to explore 15 distinct case-studies in select public health policy topics, strategies, and stakeholders.  Appendices of key terms and concepts, an index of seminal legal cases, statistical formulas and methods, and references will also be provided.


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