Mass Finishing Handbook


By: LaRoux K. Gillespie
Publisher: Industrial Press, Inc.
Print ISBN: 9780831132576, 0831132574
eText ISBN: 9780831192792, 0831192798
Copyright year: 2006
Format: Fixed

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Compiled from the author’s 40 years of research and, this detailed handbook provides “how-to” details of all mass finishing/loose abrasive finishing processes that experienced finishers will find as useful as the first-time user. It covers 16 basic mass finishing processes, including vibratory, centrifugal disc, magnetic abrasive, cryogenic, and chemical-assisted processes—offering data and charts based on thousands of measurements to make process selection easier. In addition to providing case histories and a host of practical tips, it also discusses mass finishing economics, edge requirements, surface requirements, side effects, the impact of burr size and part definition, media, and compounds. Whether you’re a manufacturing engineer buying a machine for the first time, or a shop foreman, or an experienced user who is looking for ideas for more economical approaches; this is the perfect resource for you! Contains complete coverage of all processes, based on precision finishing requirements and filled with user data rather than sales information. Provides data that enables users to quickly assess the best approaches. Only book of its kind that deals with burrs and precision finishing. Offers coverage of magnetic finishing and cryogenic information not found in any other English language books. Includes an extensive bibliography of world literature on the topic.


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