Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals


By: Nordberg, Gunnar F.; Fowler, Bruce A.; Nordberg, Monica; Friberg, Lars
Publisher: Academic Press
Print ISBN: 9780123694133, 0123694132
eText ISBN: 9780123694133, 9780080546100, 0080546102
Edition: 3rd
Pages: 1024
Format: PDF


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Handbook of the Toxicology of Metals is the standard reference work for physicians, toxicologists and engineers in the field of environmental and occupational health. This new edition is a comprehensive review of the effects on biological systems from metallic elements and their compounds. An entirely new structure and illustrations represent the vast array of advancements made since the last edition. Special emphasis has been placed on the toxic effects in humans with chapters on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of metal poisoning. This up-to-date reference provides easy access to a broad range of basic toxicological data and also gives a general introduction to the toxicology of metallic compounds.

* Covers up-to-date toxicological information on 31 metallic elements and their compounds, each in a separate chapter
* New chapters on general chemistry, biological monitoring and biomarkers, essential metals, principles for prevention of the toxic effects of metals, and more



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