Governing California in the Twenty-First Century (Seventh Edition)


By: J. Theodore Anagnoson; Gerald Bonetto; J. Vincent Buck; James J. Kelleher; Richard E. DeLeon; Jolly
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Print ISBN: 9780393675368, 039367536X
eText ISBN: 9780393675405, 0393675408
Edition: 7th
Format: Fixed

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The most current look at California politics This text provides a thorough introduction to the major institutions and processes of California state politics. It emphasizes critical thinking and the relevance of state government to students’ lives. New coauthor Melissa Michelson (Menlo College) brings expertise on how race and ethnicity intersect with California politics to the thoroughly updated Seventh Edition. This purchase offers access to the digital ebook only.


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